Cheap Risk management – is this possible?

Yesterday I listen at PMI-BB to the theory of Chul Young Byun about his study of a lean project risk factor management (Link).

It’s a radical approach, and focused on 1/3 or PJMs which are either not able to do risk management or doesn’t have the opportunity to execute risk management.

He reduce the involved parties to identification of risks to just the PJM, and limit the number of traced factors. All this with the main target to build a very cheap method, but still more effective then doing nothing.

What might be in

If the question can be answered that such an approach provide some benefit in regards to the very low efforts spend, then it might become a valuebale place in the area where PJMs will have typically no chance to execute a risk managment.

Indeed a challenge and I wish Chul Young all the best to finish the study with reasonable results to futher develop the approach.

The study needs support

Chul is looking for PJM volunteers to contribute to his study.