Reuse the FritzBox on the Cable modem

The secret of RJ11 and RJ45

I was very unpleased to have such a great box staying around just to serve as WLAN port. So I start to study how I can use the FritzBox with my kabel modem. After some time I found a very simple methode to connect both. Using the FitzBox just as WLAN port and skip the great telefon functions hurt simply too much 🙂

Keep it simple

I can’t use the Y-cable, because the cablebox just has a RJ11 port. The standard FritzBox cable offers just a RJ45. So I bought a RJ11 to RJ45 cable. Study the cable specifications and identify that I just need to connect the pin 3+6 to 2+4.

I cut the cable.

Adjust the pairs I need to connect.

Connect the white to the braun and the  yellow to the green.

Well that’s it. The cable is ready to use to connect the FritzBox DSL port (RJ45) to the Cablebox Fon port (RJ11).

Thanks for reading 🎉