Stop advertising on the road

Why should I give me personal data for free?

Once again I’m started to be stressed by the outnumbered tries to get my personal data. The industry is keen in observing us on all level moving through the internet and I’m start to get concerned about how those data is used in 20 years.

Even stopping using of facebook, goolge and co it’s likely impossible to escape these guys.

Necessary setup

So I have to set up a VPN to my home network and using the pi-hole to block all advertisement on the road.

The following prerequisites have to be fulfilled before.

  1. running pi-hole
  2. vpn server running
  3. setup OpenVPN
  4. dyn dns pointing to your firewall
  5. setup vpn on the mobile

To make it easy I used OpenVPN to simplify the setup. In case you have a firewalled router and a separate home network protected by a separate firewall, don’t forget to forward the vpn connection to the internal firewall.

After all the work I got rid of advertising and protect my personel data a bit more. Still not fully protected for sure, but a step in the right direction.