Having an issue with Window 8.1 update mechanismn

Windows Update never return from search

The issue after installing 8.1 from scratch was that Windows couldn’t find any updates. Additionally the search for updates do not return from searching.

After ages of searching the right way to fix this issue to bring the automatic update mechanism to work. In several threads I found description to use the Windows tool http://go.microsoft.com/?linkid=9830262. Unfortunately it’s not helpful at all, even saying it’s fixing this and that. Also information to do factory reset, Windows install from scratch or return to a previous save point is finally just a way to burn you time. It counld not help me to make the search for update process running.

Finally I found this great site http://wu.krelay.de/en/. Simple source to the point of information could save a lot of time.

After following these instructions it still took 1 day to download all fixes between 2014 and today and do several restarts during installation.

Plan to run it at least over night and next day.