Stop advertising on the road

Why should I give me personal data for free? Once again I’m started to be stressed by the outnumbered tries to get my personal data. The industry is keen in observing us on all level moving through the internet and I’m start to get concerned about how those data is used in 20 years. Even […]

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Upgrade OMV to 3.X takes me hours

Easy upgrade Yea that upgrade is easy to start by omv-update && omv-release-upgrade but it stopped on my system with the message that sed had an issue within configuration step of openmediavault. Expensive mistake in openmediavault.postinst script Well either there was really a mistake, or my /etc/openmediavault/config.xml file was simple wrong at the position to […]

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Testing ownCloud

Everyone wants your data.. and there are many ways to loose control of it. One way to start to protect them is to kep them at home and not to distribute them to companies that potentially will make use of them. Until data is not encrypted you never can’t be sure if your data is on […]

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