My Projects

Technical projects

Well these are real private projects, to get a step away from professional life 🙂

WordPress editor – no text no buttons

Yes this simple issue took me >1h to fix 🙁 Tried to reinstall sources, deactivate the theme and plugins. Clear ...
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A black hole for Internet advertisements – yes I want that!

Throw ADs to /dev/null Pretty easy and cheap tool to install on a Raspberry. Put just one line on code on ...
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Having an issue with Window 8.1 update mechanismn

Windows Update never return from search The issue after installing 8.1 from scratch was that Windows couldn't find any updates ...
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Upgrade OMV to 3.X takes me hours

Easy upgrade Yea that upgrade is easy to start by omv-update && omv-release-upgrade but it stopped on my system with ...
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Testing ownCloud

Everyone wants your data.. and there are many ways to loose control of it. One way to start to protect them ...
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Reuse the FritzBox on the Cable modem

The secret of RJ11 and RJ45 I was very unpleased to have such a great box staying around just to ...
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UPS … secure my data?

Why should I ... think about to protect my @home NAS with a UPS? Initially I wasn't keen on add ...
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New NAS server

NAS @ home Today I start my new NAS server project. After several evaluations I decided today to build up ...
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Code snipples

Even in managing position, sometimes it’s good to be able to code. Especially the power of the combination of Excel, a DB, pivot tables and VB is amazing.

I experienced many times that the organistions is not able (by budget or skill) to provide a solution which is simply necessary to do the job or are inefficient. As a workaround or we can also say as risk mediation I do some automations, or build some tools to simplify administrative work. This enables me several times to concentrate on the real work which needs to be done.

Pivot query update with Excel

Update of an Excel database query to update pivots A database query (e.g. ODBC database connection to a MySQL db) ...
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Another important part of my projects is the continues learning. The following posts containing my experiences and thoughts about certifications and the use.


ITIL or PMP Well ITIL do not have a real project methodology inherent, at least to my level of understanding ...
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PMP exam change 2016-01

... after 11.01.2016 nothing serious, but important to know is the small enhancement of the PMP framework announced here. See ...
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